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Shanelle Gray Studios has gone through 3 names in its 16 and a half years of business! Originally opened by Shanelle Workman and Producer Billy Frank in 2005-it was called Act 4 Reel. It was a thriving studio and with Shanelle's excellent teaching and Billy's thriving production company it was a business that was offering actors everywhere excellent entry into the business with skills that made their dreams come true. Shortly after opening, with Billy's blessing-Shanelle took over the studio on her own and doubled and tripled it in no time. After attending business school at George Mason University for 3 years and acting all her life Shanelle had the perfect mix of what was needed to run a successful business.

Upon meeting her ex husband, David Gray in 2007-they started teaching together and when married in 2009- named the studio Gray Studios. David and Shanelle worked together and made the studio a success and a name for itself. Actors everywhere have thrived and made it under their tutledge. When Shanelle was having the children she ran the studio and David taught-but Shanelle was the original and always was making her way back. Unfortunately the Gray's divorced in 2020 and Shanelle Gray Studios was born!
The Original studio has taken its wings and Shanelle has brought back her original dream of an unlimited conservatory program where actors of all ages can thrive and study what their heart desires for a fee that is affordable for everyone. She has put her heart and soul into the studio since 2005 and wants to continue so that her daughters Skylar and Parker Gray can run it forever.