Acting is honestly reacting.

Don't Act, Just Be

Kate Godfrey

From day 1! From coaching, to agents, to taking us where we are today-we are grateful and thrilled to work with the best in the biz!

-Kate Godfrey, All That-Nickelodeon

Tommalisa Lumpkin, Mother of Lex Lumpkin from Nickelodeons All That

This has been an awesome environment for our young actor, Lex Lumpkin, to grow. Their classes are top of the line with quality instructors who produce RESULTS! Sign up for classes at here today you will not regret it!
-Tommalisa Lumpkin, All That-Nickelodeon

Carolyn Dodd-Get Shorty-Epix Network

This has been an integral part of my training. They helped me build my theatrical, comedic and commercial skill sets. They gave me the confidence I needed to go into auditions knowing I would be competitive. I highly recommend them and the this Team! They are like family. One of the BEST decisions we made when we moved to LA!
-Carolyn Dodd-Get Shorty-Epix Network

Denise Erez

Hey Shanelle
I just want you to know that I have had the most amazing experience being apart of your services.
Everyone you have brought on is top notch
And the service and care is amazing
And I meant that for you as well!
I just want to say thank you
It means so much and I truly appreciate you and your whole team!

Angela Provo, Mother from Atlanta Studio

On my way back home, I began to tear up because I see some ugly things in this world manifested by ugly hearts (self-preservation and greed being among many of them). Bella sharing your story with me made me think, “Wow! The Gray’s are successful people reaching back for the babies, not just their own, yet for ANY baby with a passion and a dream for acting (grant it, if they can afford the tuition : D). With all things considered, I just wanted to say thank you for being selflessly humble in your craft, it means so much to kids like Bella.